14 Apr



Ottawa Movers Offer Safety Tips for Moving During the Pandemic

Ottawa movers learned, quickly, how to move safely during the pandemic, they have advice to keep you safe during your move.

The COVID-19 pandemic is the first of its kind, so moving during a pandemic is foreign to everyone. Even if you’re on the move frequently, moving during a pandemic includes new challenges to navigate. Moving companies are essential services, so they’ve worked the entire pandemic. Luckily for you, Ottawa movers now have 14 months of pandemic moving experience under their belts. They’ve gathered some helpful tips and knowledge to help make your pandemic move safe and less stressful.

Know the rules and regulations

Ottawa movers know all of the COVID-19 rules and regulations because it’s their job to know. For the average person, it’s essential to brush up on the COVID-19 ordinances in the city, country, province, and community that you’re moving to or travelling through. Doing your research is especially important when you’re moving across the country or to another region because the regulations may differ from those you’re used to. Additionally, if you’re moving into or out of an apartment building, be sure to ask the building manager or landlord about protocols and safety guidelines for your moving day.

Keep everything contactless if possible

You want yourself and your family to be as healthy as possible during the pandemic, and especially so as your moving day approaches. Throughout your moving process, try to keep as many services and transactions as contactless. The fewer people you come into contact with, the safer you’ll be. Opt for curbside pickup when purchasing your moving supplies, and do virtual tours and estimates whenever possible. When it comes to the paperwork and documents involved with your new home and hiring your Ottawa movers, you can ask to sign and send them virtually.

Is it safe to hire Ottawa movers? 

It is incredibly safe to hire Ottawa movers, and it’ll help make your pandemic move significantly easier. When choosing a moving company, don’t hesitate to ask about the COVID-19 safety protocols they have in place and how they’re screening and protecting their movers. In the case that you become sick or need to reschedule your move for other pandemic-related reasons, be sure to inquire about your Ottawa movers’ rescheduling policies.

Additional ways you can stay safe on moving day 

Typically, movers can pack and unpack your belongings for you as part of their service. During COVID-19, you can choose to do the packing and unpacking yourself and leave the heavy lifting and moving to the Ottawa movers.

Have extra masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer on hand for yourself and your family. It’s also a great idea to set up an easily accessible spot for everyone to wash their hands when they want to.

Hiring a cleaning company to thoroughly disinfect your home before moving into your new place can save you a lot of time and make you feel safer. After you complete your move and the movers are gone, disinfect high-touch surfaces like doorknobs and faucet handles.

Try to remain 6-feet away from your Ottawa movers, and limit the amount of family and friends in and around your home on moving day to keep everyone safe.

Most importantly, contact your moving company immediately if you feel sick or discover that you were exposed to the virus around the time of your move.