13 Aug



Moving Tips: How to Choose an Ottawa Moving Company

Finding the right Ottawa moving company doesn’t have to be a headache

Moving can be a very stressful task; hiring an Ottawa moving company can make it much more manageable. Still, it could also make it worse if you choose the wrong one. Unfortunately, the Canadian government has no regulations in place when it comes to movers and moving companies. Because of this, it’s crucial that you do your research to ensure that your property and personal belongings are protected and handled with care.

Whether it’s a residential or commercial move, knowing the right questions to ask and red flags to be aware of will give you one less thing to worry about.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB)

If an Ottawa moving company has an A rating from the BBB, it’s a good sign that they’re credible. The BBB is a resource that gives businesses a rating depending on the complaints they’ve received and how the business resolves them. Ensuring that the company you choose is in good standing with the BBB is a good way of validating their legitimacy and reliability.

Referrals and Reviews

If you’re lucky enough, your friends, family, or colleagues who have moved before may have used an Ottawa moving company to recommend to you. Additionally, if you have a real estate agent, they may be able to refer you to one.

If you’re unable to get a referral, the next best option would be to look at the reviews of the companies you’re interested in. You can find reviews on the BBB or by simply searching for them on Google. Be wary of companies that may have a large number of positive reviews that sound fake and those with no reviews.

Hire the right company for your items

Some companies may not be equipped to move specialty items like pool tables, tanning beds, pianos, and gym equipment. If you have items like these that you are moving, make sure you hire a company that has experience moving them.

Red flags to look out for

Moving scams are not uncommon. You should find a different company if the Ottawa moving company that you are considering shows any one of these red flags:

  • They ask you for a significant or unreasonable deposit
  • They have poor phone etiquette or unprofessional customer service
  • The company does not have a legitimate address
  • They avoid answering your questions or don’t answer them at all

Listen to your gut

If your gut is telling you that something doesn’t seem right, listen to it. Even with excellent insurance, some items are priceless, and you don’t want to risk losing or damaging them. Although there is a risk of coming across an illegitimate company or a scam, finding the best Ottawa moving company for your move is possible.

Moving can be made so much easier as long as you do the proper research and ask the right questions. You can plan and prepare for your move by reading up on moving advice and tips.