30 Aug



How to Unpack After Moving

Packing and unpacking is perhaps the most tedious, strenuous and time-consuming task for a person while switching homes. While you can hire professional movers to do all the hard work for you, many people prefer getting their hands dirty. After all, you know what is important, what needs to go where, and what has a sentimental value attached to it. Some people also feel self-satisfaction and a certain assurance from setting up their things themselves. Your move becomes stress-free if everything is packed and labelled properly. Have a look at these tips that will help you unpack efficiently!


1.   Clean up before you unpack

Clean the entire place once before you start unpacking. It’s easier to wash the floors and vacuum before all of your furniture is moved in. Cleaning beforehand will also prevent your belongings from getting dirty. Cleaning should be the first course of action, and next up is the unpacking process.


2.   Essentials

Unpack the essentials first which include anything and everything you might need to settle in for the night such as bed linens, pillows, phone chargers, set of clothes, medication, basic toiletries, pre-cooked meals, etc.


3.   Kitchen

The kitchen should be the first room to be unpacked and set up. Plug in the refrigerator, set up the microwave, take out the utensils, organize the cutlery and stock the pantry so you can start cooking as soon as possible. The sooner your kitchen items are unpacked, the sooner you can have a proper meal.


4.   Bathroom

Unpack the toiletries, towels, medicine cabinet as soon as you can because you never know what you might need. You will need to shower soon after the cleaning and unpacking, to unwind, right before settling in for the night. And in order to enjoy your shower, you will need all your toiletries.


5.   Clothes

Start hanging your clothes in the closet before you run out of a fresh set of clothing. You’ll need more than just the clothes on your back. You will need clean clothes for work, to run errands and of course, comfortable clothes to wear when you want to lounge around the house. Thus, unpacking and hanging up your clothes as soon as possible is important.


Once you are done with these basics, you can start to slowly unpack the rest of your things. You can unpack as needed. Set a fixed schedule to avoid wasting time just on the unpacking, which will leave you with very little time to settle and would leave you exhausted. A better option is to unpack and set up the things for each room at a time. Do not rush the unpacking process. Unpacking and putting everything in order takes time. Rushing things might only result in accidents, or you might misplace your belongings.


Exhaustion is another negative side effect that you might experience. Not only does exhaustion affect your health, but it also makes settling in much harder and tedious for you. One way to minimize your work and make the move easier for yourself is by hiring a reputed moving company who will do everything for you. They will pack up all your furniture and belongings, transport them to the new location, and set it up there for your convenience.


If you want to learn more tips and tricks about packing and moving to a new home, then check out our blog for more articles. Also, if you are looking for a professional moving company who can help make sure your move is smooth sailing, quick, easy and stress-free, then get in touch with Ottawa Valley Movers.