15 Sep



Tips for Planning a Garage Sale Before Moving

Moving can be a daunting and arduous task. If there’s one thing that’s usually true about moving is that it is the best opportunity for you to get rid of things that you no longer need or want. While there’s always the option to recycle, donate or trash those things, another smart option is to host a pre-move garage sale. Not only will you pare down on your things, but it’s an opportunity to earn some extra cash to help cover your moving expenses.

Here are some useful tips for holding a successful garage sale before your big move:

1 – The Garage Sale: Choose the Items to Sell Carefully

According to a study published in the Montreal Gazette, about 10% of Canadians move houses each year, but only a fraction of these people hold a garage sale to get rid of useless, unwanted items. If you’ve decided to hold a yard sale before the move to your new home, then it’s essential that you start with carefully sorting through the things that you want to put up for sale. It’s sometimes difficult to let go of certain items, but ask yourself – will this be useful in your new place? Is it practical for you to move the item? Is it likely to get broken in the move? Before too long you’ll see that the list of items for your garage sale can include anything from an old vase to furniture, to clothing that no longer serves you.

2 – Avoid Putting a Price on Anything

One of the most daunting and (for some people) the most stressful tasks while planning to hold a garage sale is to determine the right price for the items. The best approach is to have a price in your mind about a particular product and when the buyer makes an offer, you can think about it on the spot and sell it for close to what you had hoped to get. Some people are too shy to negotiate, so to get the ball rolling you can suggest a price. To get an idea about how to price the items in your garage sale, visit websites like Kijiji or Craigslist.

3 – Choose a Time and Date for Your Garage Sale

Once you’ve gathered your items and decided on prices, then the next step is to choose a time and date. The weekend is the best time to host a garage sale, especially when the weather is agreeable. Try to avoid selecting a date close to an important sporting event or a holiday, since your neighbors and people in your community may have other commitments. In Ottawa, it’s pretty common for garage sales to start fairly early in the morning. In the spring they can get going as early as 6:00 am; however, in the fall, start times are a bit later, usually not before 8 am.

4 – Be Organized and Make an Inventory

Garage Sale - Get Organized!When you plan to hold a yard sale it’s necessary to be organized, and the best way to do that is to make an inventory/ list of items – there are several advantages of doing so. To get started, you can organize all the items for sale in one area of your home. The list will help you remember the different items, and it’ll come in handy if you’re also selling items for friends, family or neighbors who want to join in on your event.

5 – The More Items the Better the Garage Sale

In the case of most garage sales, bigger is better! The larger the sale, and the better the quality of the items, the greater the likelihood that you’ll attract a larger crowd and sell more. For this reason, there’s no harm in extending the invite to your neighbors to join in on the sale. The more people participating, the better the promotion of the event. Your neighbors will tell their network of friends, and so on and so on. Encourage everyone to share news of the event on social media and work together to post signage of the garage sale on your street and surrounding areas!

A garage sale is the best way to get rid of unwanted household items that you no longer need or want, and make some cash in the process. Once you are done with the sale, then it’s time to focus on your upcoming move. If you want professional movers to make your transfer less stressful, then reach out to Ottawa Valley Movers today.