16 Feb



Tips for Navigating a Move Downtown and How to Plan Ahead

A move downtown can present extra obstacles and difficulties, so planning ahead is essential.

The idea of moving into the downtown core is a dream for many. Whether you live in a big city or a small town, a move downtown brings you closer to amenities, events, and public transportation. However, moving into a busy downtown core is one of the most significant downsides, especially during large events, protests, and demonstrations. Knowing how to navigate and plan for a move downtown can help ease stress and make your moving day go smoothly.

Plan your route ahead of time 

Many downtown cores are designed to be pedestrian-friendly and reduce traffic. Ottawa is a perfect example; if you’re new to the area, the number of one-way streets can become infuriating. When you find a home and know where you plan to move downtown, you’ll need to figure out the fastest and most effective route to get there from your old home. If you don’t spend much time downtown, you’ll need to do a bit of research as to what the traffic flow is like, whether there’s parking on your street and where you’ll be able to park your moving truck to unload it. Not all roads are truck friendly either, and many streets don’t allow parking during peak hours of the day – so you’ll have to consider this when planning.

Even if you plan your route ahead of time, ensure that you check for traffic and construction updates the day of your move. Your planned route could very quickly become the slowest route if there’s an accident or planned construction work on that day. Keep an eye on the news in the days leading up to your move as well.

Schedule your move during off-peak hours 

The worst mistake you can make when planning a move downtown is to schedule your move during rush hours or on the weekend. The best time to plan your move is during business hours on a weekday when everyone is busy at work. If you’re unable to move during those hours, you may also find it beneficial to split up your move into two separate time slots. For example, you could make half of your move between the morning and evening rush and the other half after the evening rush. If you have to move during peak hours, give yourself plenty of extra time for possible delays.

Hire a local moving company to help you move downtown 

The great thing about a local moving company is that they know how to execute a smooth and successful move downtown – they know their city like the back of their hand. Many of them have lived in the city for most of their lives and will have more experience navigating the city’s core. If you want to avoid the stress of planning the best route or driving downtown, leave it to the professionals. You’ll likely still need to confirm parking and where they’ll be able to park the truck to unload, but they’ll do the rest of the heavy-lifting for you.