20 Mar



Spring Moving in the Ottawa Valley

Don’t Let the Weather Keep You from Moving

While the spring thaw may present a unique opportunity to grab a house or apartment during a time when most people aren’t looking to move, it also presents several roadblocks that make moving that much more difficult. Moving during any season is no easy task on its own, given how much you’re moving and the type of help you’re getting. Unpredictable spring weather compounds all of these difficulties under a weird mix of melting snow, rain, and all sorts of unpredictable factors. Whether you choose to use a moving company or not, here are some helpful tips to ease the burden of any move:

Keep an eye on the weather:

This may seem obvious, but pre-planning your route (i.e., avoiding busy streets) can save you a lot of time, money, and headaches in the long run. Weather patterns can be fickle, and can change with little warning. Keep an eye out for weather and traffic reports and do your best to plan the safest route to your new home. Not only will this make for a safe move, but it will also keep your furniture safe too, and no one wants to move in the rain.

Don’t move alone:

Beyond asking your friends and family to help you move, hiring a moving company is an easy and cost-effective way to ensure you’re getting professional service to make for the quickest and safest transition between homes. You won’t be required to do the heavy lifting, and can save the help your family and friends are offering for the nicer times inside. Your moving company will also come prepared with the best moving supplies to ease that transition and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Keep useful supplies handy:

Having items such as shovels, boots, salt, raincoats, hats, and other accessories handy is, simply put, a smart way to move when your not sure what the weather will do. You often won’t be able to predict what obstacles may end up in your way, so being able to shovel blocked paths, throw salt on icy driveways, or stay dry in the rain will keep you and your moving company safe and happy.

Keep it clean:

One thing most people moving won’t consider, is the effect that moisture will have on your furniture and boxes in the rain, or once any snow melts in the warmer environs of your home. Keep a towel handy to wipe down any items that have built up snow or water on them, lay down pads to protect your floors, and you’ll be thankful once the move is over to have clean and tidy things to unpack and work with.

And there you have it! Moving during inclement weather is never an ideal way to move, but being prepared and hiring a moving company to help will ensure you get everything you need back in one piece, including your sanity. Don’t hesitate to contact your local moving company with any questions you may have about the logistics of moving during harsh weather, and take control of your move, regardless of the climate outside.