25 May



Settling In: Unpacking Tips from Ottawa Movers

Every Outaouais moving company knows the same simple truth: moving from one home to another has the potential to be one of the most stressful experiences possible. Packing up your entire life, deciding what to keep and what to discard or donate, and making everything work on that big day is an enormous task. And it doesn’t end once you’ve moved in to your new place. Fortunately, settling in to your new house or apartment doesn’t have to be a headache. Follow these tips from Ottawa movers and settle in with ease.

Start with a walk-through

Sure, the previous occupant or the landlord will have done this already, but make sure to give your new house the once-over as soon as you arrive. Make a note of any and all maintenance issues, including paint, light fixtures, appliances, and windows. If you’ve moved into an apartment or condo, check with your building to see which maintenance tasks are their responsibility, and which ones are yours.

Decide on an unpacking order

Your Ottawa movers have brought all the boxes that make up everything you own in the world into your new home. Hopefully, you’ve packed things that belong in the same room together into the same boxes, because the easiest way to unpack is to do it room by room. Otherwise, you might wear yourself out, running from room to room, doing little tasks in each before rushing away again. Slow and steady wins the race.

For best results, many Outaouais moving companies will suggest you start with your bedroom, or at the very least with setting up your bed. When bedtime rolls around you’ll be pretty tuckered out, and the best way to get a comfortable and restful sleep in a new environment is in the familiar comfort of your own bed. Your book shelf or desk might wait a day or two if they’re not urgent.

Your bathroom is a great place to continue – after all, you will definitely want a fresh shower! The kitchen, eating area, and living room are great for day two or three, and besides, pizza delivery is customary for the first night!

Increase motivation, decrease distractions

While it might not seem like a high priority, consider unpacking your stereo first. Why? To pump yourself up with some music, of course! Many people feel more motivated to work, and find work easier, while listening to their favourite music. The more high-energy, the better. However, your TV, videogame console, DVD/Blu-Ray player, et cetera, should wait until later. Ottawa movers have seen many a person make this simple mistake – suddenly, unpacking takes a backseat to marathon television sessions, leaving things undone for weeks. Instead, reward yourself at the end of a successful unpacking with your favourite show, film, or game.