06 May



Preparing to Move? Don’t Forget…

So it’s time to move. You’ve found the perfect house and can’t wait to start a new chapter in your life. Or maybe you’re taking charge of your career and starting a new business. Amid all the excitement, there are some basic things to prepare for before you move. Being prepared will make your transition that much easier and faster!

Research Your Moving Company

The good news is, there are many Ottawa movers dedicated to moving your stuff to your new place. When picking a moving company, it’s always important to research the company. Are they business accredited? What’s the cost? Does the moving company have a good reputation? Do they have insurance?

Gather estimates from Ottawa movers as soon as you can, since schedules fill up quickly. People tend to want the same timeslots for moving, so make sure to know your moving company and what availability they have left on your desired moving day, well before making your decision.

Timing is everything

Stemming from above, timing is crucial to your move. Moving companies are the busiest during summer, since families prefer to move when their children are out of school. However, movers can be more expensive during the summer due to popularity. Of course, moving in the wintertime isn’t pleasant either (trust me, I know how difficult ice and snow can be).

When choosing a time, take these things into consideration. Decide how matters of price or convenience may affect your move, and how the moving company can accommodate your needs.

De-clutter Your Stuff

Moving is a great excuse to de-clutter your house! When packing, you can easily sort out stuff into things you need, things for storage, or finally, items that can be removed. This can include anything from furniture to clothes. And hey, de-cluttering a great way to earn a little cash on the side.

Pack Early

Packing can take longer than you think. A good way to start packing is by putting away items that aren’t immediately used. This is also great for de-cluttering, since you’ll find many items that aren’t important to keep. Your moving company will thank you for being prepared on time.


You’ll need lots and lots of boxes to move, so start saving boxes when you can! Ottawa movers also provide boxes for moving, so that’s another option for getting boxes. In addition to boxes, start hoarding newspapers as well. For those more delicate objects, newspaper acts as a great packing material.

Remember to use small boxes too. Ottawa movers will be grateful for not having to lift large boxes of heavy books.