10 Apr



Tips for Packing and Moving Fragile Items

So you’re planning your next big move, making lists and buying supplies. Then you realize you’ll be moving fragile items that need to get from point A to point B intact. The Ottawa Valley Movers team doesn’t want you to experience more stress than necessary, which is why we have a list of useful tips you can reference to avoid the hassle!

Don’t rush the process

A tip to avoid getting overwhelmed: Pack the fragile items first and take your time! If you leave the fragile things for last, you might not have as much energy, meaning you’ll be more likely to get frustrated with the extra packing effort.

Bubble wrap is your friend

First off, when you’re moving fragile items to a new home, you should consider packing your most fragile belongings individually. Glass, porcelain and ceramic items have a tendency to break with too much pressure. So in order to avoid shattering your brand new wine glasses, buy some bubble wrap or wrapping paper and use a lot of it. You can also stuff the inside of hollow items for added protection. 

Use small, sturdy boxes

The last thing you want to do is use a box that is too big. Those expensive china plates you only use for special occasions will jostle around and potentially break if you don’t pack them in a small enough box. When it comes to packing delicate items, it’s better to use multiple small boxes than one big box. It creates a little extra work on your end, but you’ll be glad you did it when your cherished belongings arrive at your destination in perfect condition.

Pack strategically

When it comes down to packing your belongings into the boxes, you’ll want to come up with a strategy first. Similar to how you would bag groceries, make sure the heaviest and biggest items are at the bottom. This way, the lighter and more delicate items can be placed on top, and won’t get crushed. For an added layer of protection, put a piece of cloth or a towel inside the empty box. There’s no such thing as too much shock resistance.

Use lots of tape

For your non-fragile belongings, it’s fine to use one layer of tape. However, when it comes to breakable items like ornaments, picture frames, or mirrors, it’s best to use a lot more tape on the boxes. This will prevent the flaps from lifting up during the move. Let it be known that packing and moving fragile items requires more supplies than just cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and tape. There are numerous additional moving essentials you’ll want to look into.

Label your boxes

Once everything is packed up and ready to go in the moving truck, make sure to use a permanent marker to label the boxes. Not only will this will help you remember which boxes contain fragile items, but labels will also help you to know which boxes to unpack first. You can categorize boxes based on the designated rooms the items belong to, or you can categorize based on essential versus non-essential.

Hire a moving company with a good reputation

Imagine putting in all that effort to ensure your fragile items don’t get broken, just for a mover to carelessly toss your boxes into the moving truck. Make sure your hard work doesn’t go to waste by researching local moving companies. Read reviews, and check out their social media pages. Then be sure to choose a moving company that is known for being careful with their clients’ belongings.