18 Jul



Outaouais Moving With Pets

Tips To Ease Your Pet’s Stress While Moving In The Outaouais

Moving is a stressful time for most people, but it can be even harder on pets. When we move, we know what is going on and where we are going—but our pets have no clue and are often terrified. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to ease your pet’s anxiety during the moving process. The following tips will make your Outaouais moving experience less stressful for both you and your furry friends.

Before the Move

Give your pets time to familiarize themselves with their carriers or crates. Once they start going in them on their own, they should be comfortable enough to travel in them without be too stressed. Cats in particular get anxious when their surroundings change. As you start packing your home, let your cat play in the boxes. Not only will you be entertained, but your cat will associate the boxes with fun and play. Your cat’s scent will also be on the boxes, which will come in handy after the move.

During the Move

You don’t want to worry about your dog or cat getting loose while people are coming in and out of your home. And you don’t want your nervous cat hiding behind furniture either. To keep everyone safe and to help your pets feel secure, put your pets in their carriers or crates and leave them in a room that will have little or no activity. Hiring an Outaouais moving company can also ease your stress and your pet’s. While the movers are taking care of everything else, you can be by your pet’s side, comforting them. When you get to your new home, bring your pet to another room that will have little activity. Set up your pet’s food and water. And if you have a cat, set up its litter box and scratching post in that room.

After the Move

Once you’ve finished moving and there are no longer people coming in and out of your new home, you’re safe to let your dog out of its crate. Let them sniff around and take them for a walk in their new neighbourhood. For cats, the transition to the new home might take longer. Your cat might hide under your bed and be skittish for a week. If your cat is used to roaming outdoors, don’t let it outside as it may get lost in an unfamiliar area. To ease them into its new home, keep it in the room with its food, water, and litter box when you let it out of its carrier. Leave toys outside of their room so that when they do venture out, they’ll have something familiar nearby.

As you unpack, leave a few of the empty boxes out so your cat can smell its scent and have more familiar playthings. Before long, your pets will have settled into their new surroundings, and your Outaouais move will have gone smoother than you thought.