09 May



Outaouais Moving Tips: Moving with Children

Easing Your Children through the Transition

Moving is a fresh start. Whether it’s a new neighbourhood or a whole new town or city, it’s an exciting (if somewhat stressful) opportunity. But for your kids, the experience can range from distressing to feeling downright unfair. And when they’re upset, you may notice that a lot less is getting done. As an Outaouais moving company, we understand the importance of getting the whole family onboard—and we’ve picked up a few tricks along the way. Try some of the following:

Go House-Hunting Together

Obviously, you can’t make the choice of your new home based solely on what your first-grader wants! But a part of why a big move can be uncomfortable for some young children is that they feel that the entire choice is being made without them, mixed together with the natural fear of something new and unseen. You can ease some of this discomfort by involving them to some degree—let them see what the potential new neighbourhood looks like, ask for their input on little things, and maybe even let them pick a room that they’d like as their new bedroom. You may be able to even make the process as exciting for them as it is for you!

Let Your Kids Help Out

Of course, your local Outaouais moving company is going to do all the heavy lifting. But by giving your kids a task that they can handle, you’re making them feel involved. This can range from helping pack their toys and books, to helping organize things in the new home—obviously, the responsibilities will depend on the age and skillset of your child. And for those too young or otherwise unable to lend a helping hand…

Don’t Be Afraid to Call a Babysitter

Sometimes, on moving day, a very young child will need someone to look after them—while you yourself have an entire move to oversee. It’s okay to call your parents, your in-laws, a cousin, or your usual babysitter to watch your kids for a few hours or even the whole day. This means you have one less thing to worry about, and for a very young child, this removes them from a hectic, potentially stressful situation.

Keep a “Security Blanket”

Remember the Peanuts cartoons and comic strips? Okay, do you remember Linus, the boy who took his blanket with him everywhere? Every child has a favourite possession that instantly comforts them. Whether it’s a book, a game, a doll, or even a funky pair of sunglasses, let your kids keep something with them, especially if there’s a long car ride ahead to their new home as you follow the Outaouais moving company’s van.