01 Jul



Outaouais Moving Day Tips

Make your move easy with these stress-busting tips

Outaouais moving is part of the time-honoured Moving Day tradition across the province of Quebec. Dating back to the days of New France, Moving Day has, since 1973, fallen on July 1, Canada Day, which brings with it an extra layer of stress and pressure.

With so much going on over the course of such a busy day, here are a few tips to help make Outaouais moving on the first of the month a smooth and stress-free experience.

Pack Smart

Moving fragile valuables and dinnerware items means you’ll need some padding. Instead of spending money on bubble wrap for delicate items, why not use winter clothes instead? This way, you can save some space in your boxes while you protect that china tea set. And hey – it’s an Outaouais July, so the wool socks won’t be needed for anything else.

Make A List

This one might be obvious, but it can make a big difference when moving, and especially for fast-paced Outaouais moving. Some pack room by room, others focus on the essentials, and more still just need a checklist to stay organized. Regardless, having a checklist can help sort out what you’ve done and what needs doing.

Ditch The Distractions

The Outaouais is a busy enough place during the summer, let alone on Moving Day, so pack up the TV and other distractors early. As tempting as it is to keep the flatscreen out for as long as possible, you’re setting yourself up for stress later. Instead, try reading, or pull out your laptop to unwind at the end of the day – or see what the region has to offer! Outaouais moving isn’t without its stresses, so it’s worth it to kick back after a hard day’s work – just make sure you’re not putting off the work!

Get A Helping Hand

Moving is a challenge, so don’t hesitate to get help from friends and family, if only for a few hours here and there. It always helps to have a second set of hands pitching in. When in doubt, look into an experienced moving company who knows the Outaouais. With professional experience, you can make the Outaouais Moving Day a breeze.

Keep these tips in mind for your Outaouais moving day and save yourself from hassle and stress. As busy a day as it can be, it’s still a part of Quebec culture, and you can always unwind after with Canada Day celebrations. You might wind up having fun with it all!