06 Dec



Ottawa Movers Share 3 Holiday Move Tips

Holiday planning is often a stressful time for many people. From buying the right gifts for friends to having family dinner with in-laws; everything may seem to add up to a lot of extra pressure. If this wasn’t enough, planning a move during the holidays can be a downright nerve-wracking task to add to your long to-do list. Transporting all of your possessions from one place to another during the holidays may also seem like an impossibility with everything else going on. We’ve seen it all as Ottawa movers, and we understand how it feels.

However, making a move during the holiday season is still a fairly common thing, and at the end of the day, people manage fine. If your holiday cheer is getting grinched out by some moving anxiety, here are some tips from our Ottawa moving team to help make your holiday relocation experience a bit less stressful!

Move in Increments Early

Think little by little, do not overwork yourself by making big moves that are time consuming as your holiday plans may be approaching. Start early and ahead with smaller moves to chip away at the work early on. If you have the option to move into your new place, gradually, then the small moves will add up over time and help you have a clearer head on what needs. As a result, you will be able to tackle any hiccups that may occur. This will also help you plan on which items make more sense to move ahead of time or not. Take it from our Ottawa movers, moving with this peace of mind will help you keep that holiday glee and you’ll be done in no time!

Don’t put up all of your Christmas Decorations Pre-move

The worst thing you could do to yourself before a big move is to essentially give yourself more things to move and do. Now we’re not saying to completely forego setting up any of those fancy reindeer figurines you picked up on sale, but you should probably set aside some of your decorations for your upcoming home. Removing unnecessary tasks like this leaves more time for planning effectively and you will not burn yourself out by redecorating multiple times. Setting up your new decorations in your new home during the early part of the move will make your new home more inviting and live-in ready.

Enjoy the Holidays

The last and most important tip we can give you as someone braving the winter and moving in Ottawa is to enjoy the holidays and take in the holiday spirit. We know that moving during the holidays may not be ideal, but focusing on some of the holiday traditions may help put your mind at ease and make the move easier with proper planning. 

Rather than do it alone you can also consult our team of Ottawa movers. This will allow you time to focus on enjoying this special time of year. We’ll put our moving trucks into gear with our holiday cheer to help relieve your moving stress and woes. Reach out today at 613-798-1116 or quotes@ottawavalleymovers.ca for a quote!