20 Aug



Ottawa Movers Provide… Relationship Advice?

If You’re Thinking of Living with Your Significant Other, Consider this Advice from Moving Companies

There are plenty of occasions that moving companies have been proud to help make possible. Things like moving into your first place away from mom and dad, moving to a new town for school, that first condo or townhouse, and more. The one most likely to give that warm and fuzzy feeling, however, is helping a young couple move in together for the first time. It’s a big step towards what might possibly be an even bigger future, and any Ottawa mover would feel proud to play a part in following through on it. However, it’s not a decision to be made lightly—for all its benefits, cohabitation also poses its own challenges in a relationship. Here are a few factors to consider before you and your partner take the plunge:

What to Toss…

What are the odds that you actually need two sets of cutlery, or two motorized eggbeaters? What about two mattresses, sofas, or dining room tables? Especially when moving into an apartment or small space, the more you can declutter before moving, the better. And if you’re hiring a moving company, you may also run up a higher bill the more you need to move, so getting rid of redundant duplicate items can help you save money too. But while you’re deciding what needs to go, it’s just as important to decide what needs to stay.

…and What to Keep

So your partner and you both have a copy of, say, Lewis Carrol’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. While this sort of counts as a duplicate item, maybe yours as an important sentimental value to you, with dog-eared pages and neatly scrawled annotations in the margins. While something like an extra spatula can go, an item that brings you comfort can help smooth the transition into a new living space. Ottawa movers recommend holding onto things like a favourite reading chair or pillow that helps you feel at home.

Discuss Space

In the early stages of cohabitation, it can feel normal and even exciting to be with each other every available moment. But after a month or two it can grate on the nerves. Before calling the moving company, discuss space and boundaries with your partner for your new home together. Some couples do this by setting aside a part of the apartment or house where they can alone time when necessary, like a desk, office, or even a little nook. Others do this by designating nights to spend with separate groups of friends. Either way, space is essential.

Establish Responsibilities

Sharing a space with anyone takes work. It may not be the most fun conversation to have, but before you move in, you need to decide how to divide the rent, bills, and responsibilities like groceries or cleaning. Putting this discussion off means you’ll probably end up having it later on—and in a much less pleasant mood.

Once you’ve addressed all of these, it’s just a simple matter of setting the date, and calling reliable Ottawa Movers to help make it happen.