14 Feb



Ottawa Movers Know Downsizing Doesn’t Mean Compromising

It’s not uncommon for a moving company in Ottawa to provide services to a wide range of clientele whose desire is to move to a smaller home. This includes not only retirees, but families of various sizes, and even social status. We are living in an age of increasingly prohibitive home prices in urban areas, high utility costs, awareness of environmental impact and size of footprint, as well as a desire to be efficient with time and resources, and all these impact a trend to do more with less. An extreme example of this is the trend in building micro-homes, but even apart from going that small, Ottawa-area movers have witnessed that embracing less living space has positive connotations; there’s something for everyone in a decision to go small—creativity, open-concept living, preferred locations, reduced expenses, and just less ‘stuff.’

Needing or simply choosing a lifestyle that means living ‘smaller’ is obviously much easier when you’re starting from ‘small’ to begin with. The greater issue moving companies in Ottawa see is the transition from larger to smaller dwellings. The challenge is where to start, and how to go about finding a suitable space, and reducing belongings in a way that makes such a transition as easy and as streamlined as possible. Here are a few pointers that experienced Ottawa movers may offer to help you get started:

Get Inspired! Ottawa movers stress that smaller spaces can be really awesome living spaces. Consider what you really want or need in a space. No space, large or small, is perfect, so identify what the non-negotiables are. Outdoor space? Lots of light? Layout conducive to entertaining? And is layout or location more important? Moving companies in Ottawa know the importance of a good fit, so knowing what it is—and finding—what you most desire makes the process more exciting to look forward to, while mitigating any negatives.

Decide on your Must-Haves! Similar to deciding on your must-haves in a reduced living space, you need to determine the same for your most needed, and cherished, possessions. Ottawa movers have seen people come at this in two different ways: One, you can begin by eliminating all obvious extraneous items—never used storage room items, guest room furniture, and so on. Work backwards with a kind of process of elimination strategy until you’ve narrowed it down to your basics or favourites. Or, two, moving companies in Ottawa might suggest you identify first all the things you need and want and will have room for, and then eliminate the rest.

Map It! Do a “test-run,” so to speak, of matching your things to your new space. Sketch out where your furniture and other items will go or fit. Include things you’ll want to be able to store in closets and so on. This will serve both to ensure that your new home will accommodate the things you’re bringing to it, and also help expedite for yourself and your moving company in Ottawa, where things will be placed as they’re moved.

Moving is never easy; but by downsizing belongings and organizing them for a new space, the benefits of living in a smaller space shine.