13 Nov



Ottawa Movers’ Guide to Moving During the Holidays

Experienced Ottawa movers have all of the information you need to know about moving during the holidays.

The holidays are known for being a relaxing and joyful time of year. However, it can simultaneously be a stressful and sometimes challenging time of the year for some. Planning and organizing family events, gifts, decorations, food, and for some – the holiday blues – is a lot to handle already. Now add moving into the mix, and things can get messy. Moving during the holidays may not be ideal, and it’s not easy. Ottawa movers have compiled a quick guide on navigating a move during the holiday season.

The pros and the cons

Of course, there are cons to moving during the holidays, the biggest of which is adding moving stress on top of holiday stress. It’s a good idea to start planning, preparing, and packing as far in advance as you can to try and prevent both stresses from overlapping as much as possible. In addition to the holiday and moving stress, winter weather is unpredictable, and it’s never the easiest to move in. Ottawa movers have a lot of experience with winter moves, so if you’re on the fence about hiring a moving team, it could make the process much easier for you.

The good news is that it’s not all bad news. Ottawa movers have heard some very positive holiday moving stories. With most of your stress focused on your move, you won’t have to stress about the holidays as much you typically would. Naturally, friends and family will expect much less from you. They will understand if you can’t buy gifts for everyone or bake the holiday cookies like you usually do. Additionally, because the holidays aren’t a busy time for moving, you’ll have much more flexibility when it comes to planning your move and booking your Ottawa movers.

Quick tips from Ottawa movers

  • Start packing and preparing early
  • Try to buy most of your moving supplies and new items on Black Friday or during other holiday sales
  • Ask for holiday discounts where you can
  • Pack all of your holiday decorations and necessities together and ask your Ottawa movers to load them last so you can access them quickly

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What you should expect

Moving during the holidays means moving during the winter. A snowstorm on your moving day isn’t unlikely, even if there wasn’t a snowstorm in the forecast. Luckily, if you hire Ottawa movers, they know how to move in every kind of weather condition. However, plan for the weather as much as you can and be sure to keep boots, scarves, hats, gloves, and other winter clothes somewhere easily accessible. You should also anticipate possible delays, rescheduling, and dangerous driving conditions.

Don’t expect too much from yourself during this time. It’s ok to cancel plans if you’re tired, and don’t pressure yourself to get all of your unpacking done right away. Take your time and try to enjoy your holidays as much as you can.