16 Jul



Ottawa Movers Can Make Your Moving Experience Easy Peasy!

Moving can be chaotic, that we can all agree on. Finding the right Ottawa movers – with experience, know-how and expertise, can mean an easy, worry-free moving day.

If you’re generally not an organized person and you have a big upcoming move, things can quickly go awry without careful planning. A big / complicated move can be anything from a large family move, to multiple pick up and drop off points, to transporting difficult-to-move items, or moving into or out of a difficult space.

Moving Day Expectations

Good Ottawa movers will set the expectation for your big day. Some of the details to discuss include:

  • Your mover will need to an inventory of the major household items to be moved.
  • The moving company will require details related to delicate items, whether assistance with packing and wrapping is required, and pick up and drop off locations.
  • It is also important to discuss details related to the home or building – is there an elevator?
  • If so, will it be available?
  • How many flights of stairs are there in your old / new home?
  • Are there bulky items that will need to be dissembled?
  • Do you require boxes or packaging?

Communication is Key!

The day of your move is NOT the time to discuss these details with your Ottawa movers. Conversation about the move needs to happen well in advance of the big day. Like anything in life, communication is key, and for things to go smoothly, it’s important to put all the cards on the table from the start.

Most of us have moved at least once or twice in our lives, and we know all too well what can go wrong. When it’s time for you to look for Ottawa movers we highly recommend doing your research! Google reviews and Facebook reviews are a great starting point, and word of mouth is also valuable. Make sure the company is registered, insured and that it is a legitimate business.

Not all Ottawa Movers Were Created Equal

There are many Ottawa moving companies out there, but not all were created equally. Experience is very important in the moving industry. Movers come and go, so looking for a moving company that has been around for the “long haul” (no pun intended :)) should be one of the things you look for.

If you’d like a quote for an upcoming Ottawa move, then reach out. We’ll be happy to assist!