15 Aug



Moving With Pets: 9 Tips to Follow

Moving can be both an exciting and exhilarating event for various reasons. Especially if you are moving with pets, you would need to take exhausting responsibility of taking care of them so that your loved pets remain safe and happy throughout the journey. Whether it is a dog or a cat or even a bird, you need to take certain measures to ensure that your pets remain safe and sound during the moving process. As compared to humans, our pet animals need extra care while you are moving with them, therefore it is imperative that you take the necessary steps before embarking on a journey. Here are the top 9 tips for moving with pets!


1.   Prepare a proper kit

Pack all the necessary stuff such as the adequate amount of dog/cat food, litter, grooming tools and toys to keep your pet in perfect shape. Everything that you need to keep your pet healthy and comfortable.


2.   Pay a visit to your vet

If you are moving with pets outside your locality, city or state, you must get your pet a final and comprehensive checkup. Take any medications they might prescribe and the records they might have for your pet. Asking your vet for recommendations for good vets in your new locality is also a good idea.


3.   Keep your pet far away

During the packing and moving process, which might get quite noisy and risky, keep your pet somewhere safe. From a pet daycare center to keeping them in a kennel for the day, keep them away from harm at all costs. Pets can get hurt while workers move your stuff or even cause injury to people carrying the boxes.


4.   Drive your pet in your own car

Drive your beloved pet in our own personal car. Moving with pets who aren’t used to travelling in a vehicle, you can put them in a portable cage and cover it with a blanket to make them feel safe and comfortable.


5.   Keep your pet in your sight at all times

Don’t let your pet out until you have reached your destination and settled there. As they are not used to the new neighborhood, they might easily get lost.


6.   Let your pet get adjusted to their new surroundings

Allow your pet to get used and accustomed to your new place. Make them stay in one section of the place until they slowly and gradually adjust to the new environment. Provide them with ample attention along with presenting familiar objects such as their old toys. The goal should be to make them feel at home, the same way you do.


7.   Add an identification tag

If your pet doesn’t already wear a tag or microchip carrying the address and other contact information, get them one. If they already have one, update them with the latest address and contact details.


8.   If it is a bird put them in cage

No matter how attached your pet bird might be to you, moving can make them extremely jittery and fly away and even get lost. Therefore, while moving put your pet parrot or whichever bird you have in a cage.


9.   Moving with fish is particularly tricky

If you have pet fish, you can move them in plastic bags filled with water if the distance is short. However, they would require to be transported in a proper tank or be given away to a friend as fishes are extremely sensitive to stress and moving can be extraordinarily traumatic for them.


Moving with pets is something that requires a great amount of thought and effort. Pet animals are just as important as any member of your family, therefore it is imperative that you take every measure to ensure their safety, comfort and health. For more information about an upcoming move, feel free to contact us!