27 Jul



Moving Tips for Downsizing Your Home

How to go from big to small when it comes to moving and downsizing

When you move to a new house and hire an Outaouais moving company, adding to your belongings just to fit the house isn’t necessarily a good idea. Depending on the situation, whether you’re retiring, saving money with a smaller place, favoring location over space or embracing the “tiny house” movement, you may need to get rid of some stuff to downsize. Think about those times you shuffled things around by moving, like consolidating things with a significant other, moving into a dorm room or packing for a long trip, and use those principles of less is more when it comes to downsizing your home:

Take inventory

Moving to a new house with an Outaouais moving company is a chance to start fresh and re-organize your belongings. This is your opportunity to think about what is important to you and get rid of those things you have been meaning to toss. A moving company will tell you that the old trick of making three piles of “keep,” “sell” and “give away” does work as a start. Instead of making a list of things you’re not going to take with you, make a list of things you will absolutely keep; if the list is positive instead of what you “cannot” bring, there is more of a chance you will follow it. Make an inventory of all of your items. A home inventory is useful to have for insurance purposes and as a way to look at all of the things you need to think about before contacting an Outaouais moving company.

Make solid decisions before moving

The organizing process should be done at least a few months before you move so you have time to sell things you don’t want and categorize things for the moving company. You will be less likely to give or throw things away once you have committed to moving them. Why would you pay for a moving company to move a large piece of furniture if you’re not even sure you still want it? Make these decisions before you move and take stock of any new things you buy. Consider how the space you’re moving into compares to your previous space and the storage options available. For example, you won’t need gardening tools if you’re moving to a condo or an extra bed if you only have one bedroom.

Wants vs. needs

While you’re making a home inventory, think of all of the things you need as opposed to things you want to keep. Sometimes, a second opinion from a friend or Outaouais moving professional is the motivation you. Start by getting rid of multiple items of the same kind you keep “just in case,” such as dishes, appliances or sports equipment. Instead of having three of a kind, downsize to one. While the process may seem difficult, ask for help from an Outaouais moving expert and think about why you are downsizing in the first place. Getting rid of a few things won’t matter in the long run if your goal is to live a less cluttered life and save money.