12 May



Moving Out, Moving Up, Moving On

As exciting as it is to make a move to a different part of your town, city, or region, there’s really no avoiding the fact the whole process of moving generally is a lot of work. It can also be costly and stressful to get all your belongings safely and efficiently from point A to point B.  If you’ve already ruled out an expensive national moving company, and are filled with dread at doing it all yourself, you may be pleasantly surprised—and relieved—that you have another option in hiring Ottawa movers.

Local movers may not always stand out as a top of mind possibility. They’re also not always particularly visible or instantly recognizable, but an Ottawa mover may be just what you’re looking for to save the day.  Here’s why:

Affordability:  Local movers have the flexibility to set pricing that reflects the range of needs in their region, as well as have the ability to personalize the service they’re providing. Many will advise and subsequently deliver the most appropriate level of service needed for your move, guaranteeing you’re not paying for more truck space or movers than you need, yet ensuring it is sufficient to get the job done smoothly.  Equally as important is the fact many local Ottawa movers will certify that they are properly insured, for your added peace of mind and reduced risk to your wallet.

Reliability: Your Ottawa mover can be counted on to provide many of the services you would expect from a larger company, providing both their own moving supplies as well as properly trained movers. Most are equipped to handle moves of any size—residential or commercial—or even do large scale deliveries.  You can also count on them to maintain the high standard it takes to move your antique buffet or beloved piano. A local mover may simply be more apt to communicate more directly, remaining in touch and in tune with your needs and wishes.

Familiarity:   Ottawa movers know the geography of the area because they live here, too! Whether you’re moving across town or to another community, they can get to where they (and you) need to be capably and resourcefully.   Being locally based has even sometimes afforded frantic clients the ability—some might say luxury—to make a last minute booking, thereby saving their moving day.

In the end, local movers, and this could be said for many local companies, want your business and your recommendation, so it makes sense they’ll use their “edge” of fair pricing, dependability, and local knowledge to make your move a positive experience.