30 Dec



Moving in Winter? It CAN Be Stress-Free!

Ottawa Moving Companies Know a Winter Move Doesn’t Have to Be a Bad Experience

Moving can be stressful any time of the year, but the winter has to be the worst time of the year to move. Most of us wouldn’t choose a winter move, especially not in Ottawa with the traffic, snow, and slushy roads, but sometimes life doesn’t leave us much choice. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be a terrible experience. There are Ottawa moving companies that can help to make your move a lot less stressful than it could be. Here are some helpful tips that will make your winter move a more pleasant experience:

Don’t put off calling the movers

Many movers in Ottawa are booked well in advance, so be sure to book a reputable company with as much advance notice as possible. If you aren’t sure which one to hire, look online for reviews. Many consumers leave online reviews these days and it is not usually hard to find at least a couple of opinions on most companies.

Prepare for Mother Nature!

We all know the weather can change in an instant, so have your snow blower or shovel, salt, and warm gloves on hand before moving day. Even if the weather isn’t so great during the move, if you have been proactive with salting and shovelling the days leading up to the move, it will help a lot. You may find it helpful to put someone on snow detail on moving day, to continually clear the driveway and walkways if it continues to snow.

Plastic is your friend

Rubbermaid bins, plastic wrap, tarps, garbage bags, and anything else that is waterproof will be absolutely necessary to have on-hand well before moving day. Pack as much as you can in plastic, waterproof bins and try to use cardboard boxes for items that will not spoil if they get wet. Your local Ottawa moving company should give or sell you industrial plastic wrap to lay in the moving van or to wrap larger items such as a mattress.

Be prepared!

The worst part about moving is the end, when you find out that there are still odds and ends that haven’t been packed and there are no boxes left. This usually means grabbing garbage bags and throwing all the left over items inside, which no one likes and it means the movers are there longer than you had planned. Start packing as early as you can and plan to be finished the day before the move to avoid last minute stress.

Don’t forget to treat yourself–and your helpers!

Schedule a break or two during the move to let everyone warm up and re-energize! After a long day of winter moving, what sounds more appealing than hot cocoa and cookies?