13 Nov



Plants – Moving in Ottawa in Winter

If you’re moving in Ottawa any time from November until April, then you’ll likely be dealing with all kinds of inhospitable weather conditions. There have been years in Ottawa when we’ve gotten really lucky and old man winter didn’t arrive until late in December or even in early January. Unfortunately, on Monday we got our first real taste of winter, and it looks as though it’s here to stay. So, if moving in Ottawa is unavoidable right now, then how are you going to move all your gorgeous indoor (and delicate) plants, when it’s -20 and blowin’ a gale of wind outside?

Before the Big Move

If you’re like most of us, taking care of your houseplants is a big deal. You water and prune them with care, fertilize them regularly, and heck, you may even whisper sweet nothings in their little ears. Before shipping your green lovelies across Ottawa in the back of a cold truck there are things you can do that’ll ensure they arrive safe and sound.

  • A few weeks (or even a month) before moving in Ottawa, prune your plants. Remove any dead leaves or small branches that could cause bigger breakage.
  • Transfer to plastic pots. We get it – ceramic pots are lovely. But what they’re not, is hearty. Ceramic pots are easy to break, and they are much heavier to move. Transfer to more durable, lighter, plastic versions.
  • Then on moving day, we recommend placing these plastic pots inside cardboard boxes. If there is a sharp turn and the pot tumbles, this will avoid soil from falling out into the vehicle.
  • Abstain from giving your plants water within a few days of the move, especially when moving in Ottawa’s winter season. Since it’ll be so cold outside, best to keep the soil dry to avoid freezing and damaging your plants.
  • Moving your plants in your own vehicle and not with your Ottawa moving company’s truck? Then don’t forget to keep your car heated to a consistently warm temperature. If you’re overnighting someplace, be sure to bring the plants inside.
  • When it’s extra frigid, it’s recommended to cover your plants in plastic when taking them from the house to the vehicle.

What if you cannot Move your Plants?

  • If you (sadly) cannot move your plants, for whatever reason, then take a clipping. This will allow you to start over and re-grow your favourite botanicals in your new home.
  • Gift the plants you can’t move to a neighbour – this is the easiest way to ensure they don’t have to travel far to enjoy a new home.

After Settling into your New Home

Moving in Ottawa, or any nordic city in the winter is no easy feat – for man and plants alike! But now that you’re in your new home, it’s time to give these plants a little extra love.

  • Days are shorter in the winter, so for these next months it might not be a bad idea to keep your plants in an area of the house that receives a lot of natural light.
  • Give them some extra ‘food’! For your plants that like fertilizer, don’t forget to give them some of the good stuff they love. Moving is a tumultuous time for plants, so this could help them deal with the stress of moving.
  • If you’re planning to transfer them back to ceramic pots, give your plants a bit of time to settle before doing so. Transplanting too frequently is often not a good thing for the health of a plant.

If you’re moving in Ottawa and would like a quote from a trusted mover, who also happens to love plants, then reach out!