16 Oct



Moving in Ottawa (and beyond) planning tips!

Moving can set anyone’s stress metres onto high.  Deciding on how you’re going to move all your possessions from point A to point B can take a lot of time and effort, but it can be made easier with some effective planning. Luckily, there are many ways to plan ahead to help make moving in Ottawa simple and easy for even the most disorganized person. A useful plan of action should include any or all of the following tips:

Trim whatever is unneeded

To put it simply: the less clutter, the better. Bringing unwanted possessions that have been lying around collecting dust for the past few years most likely doesn’t warrant the added stress of planning on how to move it. Do not be afraid to let go of those past relics, we won’t hold it against you! Only moving the essentials will help with the packaging process. It will also help reduce your moving costs, as some movers charge by weight. The less you need to move, the easier you make it on yourself throughout the overall process.

Consider how you want to package and organize

Figure out what your packing essentials are, and decide what should be left behind. Then consider how to package your belongings and the method of transportation would be the next step in the planning process. Reusing old boxes is a simple and easy trick to putting stuff away, and can really help with organization. Organization can often go overlooked as part of moving when people are feeling rushed and start to cut corners. However, being organized is one of the most important aspects to making moving easy. Putting labels on your boxes and containers can make all the difference in knowing where things are and knowing where everything should go when settling into your new place. This will also help keep tabs on any of your delicate and fragile items that should be handled with care to ensure nothing gets damaged and or broken. The last thing anyone needs after moving into their new home is a box of shattered plates!

Make a moving plan

Once things are packaged up and are ready to be sent off, having a moving plan in advance of the big day helps determine the best order for bringing things into your new place.  Figuring out which boxes or items should be put into the house first can help with the arrangement of the move as arranging them to be the last placed into the transportation will make it easier to follow through. As moving in Ottawa can be quite stressful, small, seemingly unimportant little details like this can make the process quicker. These things will also help you feel more secure and confident with how your belongings are being moved.

Consult the experts

As mentioned earlier, packaging is a focal point for anyone looking to be moving in Ottawa anytime in the future. Here at Ottawa Valley Movers, upon request, our service can include helping with the packaging process before anything is moved in order to help take away any worries you may have and make the move all that much easier. Consulting the experts can really help with the overall experience and organization of your move to give you a stress-free experience. We pride ourselves in our work of helping people like you come up with a well-thought-out plan and executing it flawlessly. If you have any questions regarding moving in Ottawa or wish to receive a no-obligation quote, feel free to contact us.