15 Jan



5 Ways to Make Moving in Ottawa a Better Experience

If you’re moving in Ottawa this winter you’re probably praying that ol’ man winter blesses you with milder weather, and not the nonsense that we got last weekend.

Either way, you can’t control the weather, but you can control how well your move goes, with these 5 moving tips.

1. Out with the Useless and Forward with the Useful

There’s no better time to evaluate and discard of the things that no longer serve us, than an upcoming move. Moving things we no longer need is just unproductive. If you’re hiring an Ottawa moving company that will be charging you according to weight, then these items will make your move more time consuming and costly. Now’s the time to donate these no longer needed items to a local charity or the Ottawa Freecycle group.

2. Create a ’Moving Document’ – Hard Copy or Electronic

Let’s face it, moves always go smoother when we keep track or our items and our to-do’s. Whether you have a physical checklist of items outlining who is responsible for each, or a note saved on your smart phone, tracking is key. That said, a list will keep you accountable, and save you from having to reply on your memory in a potentially stressful time.

3. Get your Logistics Figured out in Advance

Planning to hire an Ottawa moving company? Make sure you make your booking as much in advance as possible. Got all your supplies – boxes, packaging tape, drop sheets for the floors, gloves for the movers, a pizza and beer budget? It’s recommended to purchase your moving supplies well in advance.

4. Strategize

Strategize how you’re going to execute this move. For instance, slowly start to pack up the things you use less often – out-of-season clothes, Christmas decorations, dishes, fragile items, etc. Make labels for your boxes, and figure out what you want moved into the van or truck first, to be removed last. Keep your essential items close by to move last, because you’ll likely need them right up until nearly everything is out of your old place – you know, the cleaning supplies, paper towels, garbage bags, containers, etc.

5. Photograph your Items

If you’re moving in Ottawa, whether it’s a short jaunt across town, or an inter-provincial move, you should take account of your items. Along with labelling your boxes, it’s important to document your belongings. This will be very important in the unfortunate event that something goes missing or gets broken. Most Ottawa moving companies will offer you insurance, so the photos will be valuable in proving that the item left your place in good conditions, and was damaged in transit. Photos are also useful if you’re trying to reconnect complicated wires that have been unplugged from electronic equipment. Furthermore, take photos of your empty place in case you need to show potential renters.

If you need a reliable, trustworthy Ottawa moving company that will help you get the job done well, reach out – we’re here to help!