16 Apr



Moving in Ottawa during COVID-19

If you’re moving in Ottawa this month because you have a lease that’s about to expire, or you bought a new home a few months back and now your possession date is fast approaching, you’re not alone.  

Are people still moving?

As you could probably guess, landlords across Ontario and Quebec, and across the country for that matter, are being discouraged from showing rental properties right now. However, it doesn’t stop the fact that old tenants are moving out, new ones moving in, and moving companies in Ottawa are getting people and their things to where they need go.

Moving in Ottawa has “adapted” during COVID-19

With social distancing in full effect, building owners, property managers and real estate agents have had to get creative. Like everything else that seems to have moved online, since distancing came into effect in Ottawa mid-March, some properties are being shown by way of virtual tours. With most people owning a smartphone and decent camera equipment, this arrangement is in fact working quite well. It’s time efficient and it also saves money since you don’t have to burn your gas driving across town to view a property.

If you want to see a listing in person, it’s still possible to do so. In the case of rental properties, landlords just need to give the current tenant 24 hours written notice to gain access to the unit. Then, if you want to move forward with a rental application, tenants are now being interviewed using Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.

Moving is an essential service

When it comes time to move, because moving companies in Ottawa and throughout Ontario have been classified as an essential service, we are still open for business. Moving day usually involves many people to help lighten the load, but in these times of social distancing, with everyone adhering to the rules, a moving company is your best bet for the safest, easiest move.

Our measures to protect you

During this Coronavirus (COVD-19) pandemic our team understands how important health and safety are for everyone involved in a move. We have implemented the following measures to ensure that you, your family, and our employees are protected:

  • We ask that you package up all your household belongings and leave nothing unwrapped, unboxed, lying around.
  • We ask that you work within a timeline, making sure that the last physical contact with your items is at least 24 hours prior to when we arrive at your place.
  • We would much appreciate if you would use face masks, work with clean hands, and use hand sanitizer during the packaging process.
  • Our employees will follow social distancing and also use the aforementioned health and safety measures.
  • Our trucks and equipment is being cleaned and disinfected carefully after use.
  • We ask that you wait 24 hours after the move has been completed to unpack your boxes and belongings.

If you happening to be moving in Ottawa during this COVID-19 pandemic and need a quote – reach out!