30 Jan



Moving Company’s Best Advertisement is a Happy Client

“When is the last time you moved?”

I have to say this is a question a lot of people ask me, since I am known to have moved over five times in the last decade. My moves began as a small affair yet slowly but surely, as years went by, I started to accumulate more and more items — big items, like a fridge, stove and washer-dryer — and suddenly the prospect of calling Ottawa moving companies for an estimate became somewhat daunting.

Luckily, I never had to look very far, since even after researching many movers, I have always been incredibly satisfied with one Ottawa moving company I have chosen, and keep going to them year after year. One less thing to be stressed about!

The great service begins with the respect I am shown: great movers understand that a move — no matter how big or small — can be an incredible stress on those involved, for a multitude of reasons. I always find the best moving companies are so good at putting things into perspective!

A Moving Company’s Goal is to Reduce Stress

When it came to planning my own moves, I was somehow convinced I had “too much stuff” and began to feel extremely stressed and noticeably uneasy. After speaking to friendly and professional movers, it seemed as though my mind was at ease. They assured me it was manageable and that it was actually an average size move. I had my budget and my truck and was ready for adventure!

Excellent movers — those you call and recommend to your friends and family — understand you see more than boxes and bags of clothes: you see your life, your memories, and yes, what you have worked so hard for all those years.

The best moving company I have ever had the pleasure of hiring gave me service with a smile and provided their own equipment in order to effectively move my heavier pieces of furniture. They also ensured to take incredible care of both the apartment I was leaving as well as the brand new apartment I was entering.

I will always remember how even my landlord was pleased with the service and attention they provided, contrary to other tenants who had asked their friends to move, and had damaged the walls of the hallways as a result.

Customer service is key when searching for an Ottawa moving company, and the best ones will make your day fun and filled with a sense of new beginnings, which is what a move is all about, right?