14 Oct



Moving Companies Share Tips for a Winter Move

5 Tips from Ottawa moving companies to make it through moving in cold weather

Moving during cold weather can offer an extra challenge to an already stressful time. With the help of family, friends and some hired movers you’ll make it through this crazy time. Here are five tips from moving companies in Ottawa to help your move be as smooth as possible.

1. Have a shovel salt or sand at the ready.

This is essential for moving in the winter. Have a shovel at the old and new home so you are never without one. You can clear the lane ways as best as you can before the move but if it’s snowing or raining while you’re moving you’ll need to have a shovel, salt or sand on hand at both houses. This will keep you, your movers, and your things safe.

2. Know what can and can’t go in the truck.

As you’re packing up your old home take a look at your things and make sure you know if it’s safe to have them sitting in a truck without heat. Items like fish tanks, food, plants, and electronics can all be damaged by cold weather. It’s best to take items like this in the car with you during a move.

3. Make sure the heat is on.

Ottawa moving companies know there is nothing worse than packing all your things in the cold and getting to your new home to find the electricity and heat is off. Connect with your new landlord or gas and hydro companies to make sure the new home is heated. This will give your mover a nice break from the cold and when everything is in the house you will have a nice warm home to relax in and unpack.

4. Cover your floors.

Don’t forget to protect your investment in both the new and old home. Moving companies do their best to keep as much snow and salt outside your home as possible but it’s best to cover the entrances for extra protection.

5. Have a backup plan.

The weather doesn’t always cooperate with your plans in the winter. Instead of multiple small trips can you make one big trip? If there is a snow storm do you have a back up moving day? These are all great options to consider when you are planning a winter move. Even having extra warm drinks and treats will help cheer up a group in bad cold weather even moving companies.

Ottawa moving companies know that moving in cold weather is never fun. By following some of these tips you can make sure your things, the movers, and you stay safe and warm during the whole process.