22 Dec



Moving Companies Offer Tips for Moving in Winter

What Moving Companies Recommend for a Successful Winter Move

Winter may not be the ideal time to move because of the cold temperatures, piles of snow, icy walkways, and poor weather conditions, but it is often the only time people can move if they’ve found that perfect place or need a change in their surroundings. The winter is also a slower season for moving companies, so it’s easier to book movers and avoid the headaches of the busier season. If you’re stuck moving in the winter, follow these pro tips from moving companies to make sure your move goes smoothly and safely.

Check the Weather

If freezing rain or a huge winter storm is coming, and you’re not comfortable moving during the poor weather conditions, ask if your moving company can change the moving date to a better day. It’s better to be safe and move a bit earlier or later than planned.

Hook up Your Utilities

Arrange to have your heat, hydro, and water hooked up at your new home before you move in. You don’t want to be stuck in the dead of winter with no heat or electricity.

Keep Your Pets Safe

Find a safe, warm, and comfortable place to keep your pets for the duration of the move. A warm closed-off room in the house or at a friend or relative’s home will do nicely. You don’t want to risk your cat or dog getting in the way of movers or running out the front door.

Make Hot Drinks

You and your movers will appreciate a hot drink to stay warm during a cold winter move. Tea, coffee, apple cider, and hot chocolate are guaranteed to please the crowd.

Clear the Way

For a safe move, make sure to shovel and salt your walkways, driveways, and sidewalks. The last thing you want is to have someone slip and fall, especially while carrying a heavy item. This will protect you, your movers, and your belongings.

Protect Your Floors and Belongings

Moving during the winter means you will probably be trudging snow, salt, and slush into your home. To protect the floors in both your old and new home, wipe your boots on floor mats at the entrance and cover your floors with plastic tarps. Also cover belongings to keep dry, wrap electronics to keep warm, and double-wrap fragile items that will break easily in the cold.

Save Energy

While movers are going in and out of your home and letting in the cold air, turn off your heat so you won’t waste energy. Your heating system will be working in overdrive if left on, and will lead to a high energy bill. Just bundle up, place a small space heater in the bathroom and keep the door closed so you can comfortably use the bathroom without freezing.

Don’t Pack Your Outerwear

Keep your outerwear—coats, boots, mitts, hats, scarves—accessible. Winter moving can go well if you follow these tips and stay warm.

Follow these handy tips to get on track with a winter move. It’ll make the job less stressful, save time and energy, and your moving company will be thankful, too.