30 Sep



Movers’ Tips: Moving with Kids

Movers in Ottawa Offer Advice on Helping the Whole Family Transition into a New Home

It’s often been said that moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, along with a messy divorce and a death in the family. Movers in Ottawa have seen their fair share of stressful moves, and they also know that the difference between crisis-level stress and a manageable, even exciting experience is preparedness—especially if you have kids. Don’t get us wrong, movers love their kids; but those little bundles of youthful energy can also become one more thing to worry about on moving day. Here are a few tips to a relatively stress-free move with your children:

Involve Your Children as Much as You Can

This is obviously easier the older your children grow, but the more you can involve them, the easier the move will be on them—and on you. One of the scariest things about moving when you’re a child is the feeling that your life is going to change and that it’s completely out of your control. Sit down and talk to your kids about why you’re moving, and where to, and if possible, bring them along with you as you scout out potential new homes and ask for their input. Making them feel involved can help them feel more secure in the move. As an added bonus, let them have a say in the decoration of their new room, creating something they can personally look forward to.

Accept Help from Family and Friends

If a parent or sibling or friend offers to watch your kids for you while you pack, don’t just nod and thank them for it—take them up on their offer! Especially with younger kids, you’ll be amazed at how much more productive you’ll be when you’re not playing double duty as caregiver and packer. Even if just for one day, it can make a world of difference—especially if that day is the day the movers arrive! But on the other side, it’s also all right to…

Give Your Kids a Job

This comes back to comforting them by making them feel involved. Let your kids take on a task relative to their capacities. A small child can help by packing their toys, while an older kid might help you decide which DVDs to keep and which to drop off at Value Village along with your embarrassing bell bottoms.

Explore the New Neighbourhood Together

Movers in Ottawa know how tricky adjusting to a new neighbourhood can be. Whether it’s before moving day or after the movers have dropped you off, take your kids with you to see the new neighbourhood and get familiar with the surrounding area.

Leave Something Special Unpacked

This is a trick movers in Ottawa have seen again and again, and one that works a little magic of its own. Whether it’s a favourite toy, a handheld video game system, or a favourite book, let your kids keep one special item unpacked. It can be a comfort during the transition, and that is priceless.