02 Apr



Movers’ Tips for Rainy Day Moves

Trust a Professional Moving Company to Safely Move You—Rain or Shine!

What’s worse than rain when you’re expecting a clear, sunny day? How about unexpected rain on your moving day? Moving from one location to another is already a tricky process (let’s be real here, you’re literally packing up everything you own and moving it across town, across the province, or even across the world), you don’t need the sudden appearance of inclement weather making it even harder. But alas, no one can stop the rain from pouring, and the movers will be showing up any minute. What can you do?

Attempt to Reschedule

Your first option is the most obvious, the simplest—and the least likely to work out, since it depends on a number of factors. But it still pays to consider the possibility, since it can save you a lot of headache! Ask yourself: do you have some wiggle room with when you have to be out of your current dwelling, or can you afford a motel for the night? If you are working with a professional moving company, are they able to reschedule? If you have rented the van yourself, can you hold onto it for an extra day? If you can’t reasonably make it work, then you may have to stock up on some supplies.

The Right Supplies

Whether you already have the essentials or have to make a quick drive to the store for what you need, you can ease a move in bad weather with some raincoats or ponchos and some tarps or plastic sheets. Cover your cardboard boxes as you move them back and forth, from old house to vehicle and from vehicle to new house, to prevent them from becoming soggy and potentially falling apart—dropping your valuables on the wet ground.

Protecting Your Floors

If you work with professional movers, they will typically provide floor mats regardless of the weather to help prevent scratching the wood. In poor weather, this is even more important! If you’re not using a moving company, you can lay down mats or plastic sheets to protect your floors from getting wet. Watch out for slippery conditions regardless, and perhaps keep a mop handy for taking care of pools and puddles that collect before they become a slipping hazard.

Park the Van as Close as Possible

This kind of speaks for itself—after all, the less distance to travel, the less time out in the rain.

Drive Carefully

If you’re not confident driving a large vehicle in the weather that you’re facing, entrust this task to someone who is. There’s no shame in putting your safety first! The possibility of having to move on a rainy day is one more reason why it pays to hire movers. They have experience with handling a large vehicle in all kinds of weather, and won’t be likely to shy away from the job unless things take a drastic turn and safety becomes a major concern. To move with confidence in any weather, call your local moving company today.