17 Jun



Movers’ Tips for Beating the Heat

Ottawa Movers Know How to Stay Cool during a Summer Move

Movers inevitably see a lot of business in the summertime. For a start, the winter weather is a poor time for moving your belongings from one place to another. But because Ottawa is a city with multiple universities and colleges, there are also students moving in and out constantly. Some students move in at the start of the summer so they can work and save up for the semester, while others move in at summer’s end before classes begin. Whatever the individual reason for the move, Ottawa movers continue to see busy summers—and understand the incredible importance of keeping cool while you’re on the move.

Understanding Heat’s Effect on the Body

The human body carefully maintains a temperature of 37°C, with natural variations of one degree in either direction. When it begins to overheat as a result of the surrounding environment, a number of harmful and potentially dangerous effects can occur. For a start, your concentration and your ability to do any kind of heavy work will take a hit. Conditions such as heat edema, heat rashes, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke can all occur if you’re not careful to take steps to mitigate the heat. Consider the following:

Stay Hydrated

Most movers are used to performing heavy work in all kinds of weather, and know how to handle themselves. If you’re doing the same kind of work on a hot day, be sure that you have water on hand. Sports drinks that contain electrolytes are also good, and can even help prevent heat cramps.

Dress for the Weather

Light, breathable fabrics that are light-coloured and somewhat loose-fitting are ideal. Heavy denim, leather, wool, or flannel are all bad ideas!

Take a Break if You Need To

Sit in the shade or where there’s air conditioning, get hydrated, have a snack—but never ignore your body when it’s trying to tell you that you need to take it easy for a few minutes. Your new home will still be there after your break, so don’t risk your health or well-being.

Park in the Shade

Is there anything more scorching than the hot sun bouncing back at you from the pavement? If you are able to, park your moving truck or van in a shaded area. If you’re working with Ottawa movers, let them know where the ideal spot to park is ahead of time. Speaking of the professionals…

Call Professional Ottawa Movers

Using professional movers who know a thing or two about beating the heat is always a good idea. They’ll not only be able to take care of all the heavy lifting, but they’ll do it more quickly and efficiently too on account of their skills and experience.