07 Mar



Most Common Mistakes Moving Companies See

Ottawa Moving Companies Caution Against Making These Common Moving Mistakes

Moving can be stressful, frustrating, and costly if not planned properly. Ottawa moving companies share some of the most common mistakes they have seen in their careers, to help you be prepared for the next time you are moving apartment or house:

You Didn’t Give Yourself Enough Time

Moving requires careful preparation. Never leave this to the last minute if you can help it, but start planning well in advance instead. Sort through your belongings before contacting moving companies. This is your opportunity to rid yourself of unwanted clutter. Consider making piles for things to be kept, tossed, or recycled. Donate this third group to local charities, hold a garage sale, or give them as gifts. Try and be rigorous. Packing, moving, and storing unwanted belongings is very costly, so you’re better off purging properly before moving.

You Didn’t Do Your Homework

Thoroughly check references of Ottawa moving companies before hiring one, get an estimate, and read all the fine print. Are there hidden fees, gas surcharges, or add-on services? Be sure to ask about the businesses’ insurance policies. What’s the maximum coverage, and are moving companies paying in the eventuality of injuries sustained during the move?

You Weren’t Aware of Non-Movables

Again, read the fine-print of your contract. Are Ottawa moving companies allowed to transport jewellery or expensive collectors’ items? What about your backyard BBQ or your vintage wine bottles? Not to mention your pets, which may need motion sickness medication, crates, and possibly additional vaccinations, tags, and paperwork.

You Didn’t Consider External Factors

What’s the weather going to be like? Are there any road closures affecting your itinerary? Hazardous weather conditions, rush hour traffic, and detours can all greatly delay a move. Not everything is foreseeable, but try to map out your route properly in advance and allow for some delays in your plan.

You Didn’t Pack a Survival Bag

Do yourself a favour and pack a separate survival kit that includes all the must-haves for the first 24 hours, such as pajamas, toiletries, your kids’ favourite toys and belongings, medications, coffee, water, toilet paper, and some cash for tips and snacks. Don’t pack this bag in your moving van but rather keep it on your person.

Do your research and plan your move carefully to ensure it’s all going according to plan. For an effortless and smooth move, call your local Ottawa moving companies today. Professional moving companies have experience from performing countless moves and know how to make sure that ever important detail is seen to.