21 May



Hello Dolly! How Piano Movers in Ottawa Can Safely Move Your Piano

Do you own a piano, yet the thought of moving makes you feel as heavy as the instrument itself? If so, you are not alone. Indeed, moving such an item is often a very delicate task and many people unnecessarily get discouraged at the thought of moving houses because of it.

However, just as there are different types of pianos (concert grand, parlor grand, baby grand or upright), there are also different types of tools and methods which piano movers in Ottawa use regularly to move hundreds of pianos on a yearly basis.

If you plan on choosing a moving company in Ottawa to ensure the safe transfer of your precious belongings, including your piano, ask them if they are fully equipped piano movers as well, and which tool they use on the job.

As an example, here are some of the tools piano movers in Ottawa use to safeguard these instruments on moving day.

Piano Dollies to Glide Away

A piano dolly will come in a variety of sizes and can be used for both grand as well as upright pianos. No matter how heavy the piano is, your moving company in Ottawa will be able to mount your piano on this dolly in order to move around more much efficiently. Alternatively, your movers might also choose to also move any wardrobes or other heavy furniture with those dollies.

Moving Blankets to Protect the Paint

Most professional musicians will tell you that hanging moving blankets on your walls is a great way to simulate the sound obtained in a professional recording studio! But when moving your piano is in order, your moving company in Ottawa should have you covered.

Professional moving blankets are always used when moving pianos from one location to the other. They are the best way to ensure nothing will damage the wood or paint of your piano, even while it’s being driven away in the moving truck.

Piano Skid Board for Solid Support

Finally, along with straps, piano movers in Ottawa will almost always carry one or more piano boards (also known as skid boards), which act as a supporting base between the dolly and the instrument itself.

Of course, a moving company in Ottawa can have all the best tools for the job… but you should also make sure they have the best attitude for the job as well!

Researching the best movers in Ottawa is the ‘key’ to your success!