13 Sep



Going The (Long) Distance

Hiring Movers for an International Move

Whether you’ve gotten an exciting job offer or simply want to experience living in another country, pulling up stakes and moving yourself (not to mention your belongings) is a lot to take on. Getting yourself mentally prepared for the culture shock alone can prove to be stressful, and thinking about shipping your home over an extremely long distance can be equally intimidating. Choosing the right movers and moving company for an international move is one of the most crucial aspects to a successful long-distance departure. Here are a few things to consider when hiring movers for an international move:

Getting Yourself Prepared

Getting yourself, your family, and your home prepared for an international move can be one of the most stressful things a person can do. That’s why if you are planning to move internationally, you’ve no doubt undergone months and months of planning. Choosing a mover for your move should be done in the same fashion. When hiring movers, give yourself at least three months to find and finalize preparations with a moving company.

One crucial preparatory step when choosing a moving company is actually having them come to your home to examine your belongings in order to get the most accurate estimate possible. Talk to your potential movers about expenses to get yourself financially prepared for the long haul.

Choosing The Right Company

International moves are extensive, and require professional hands to be conducted properly. There are a few things to know about any movers before you make the decision to hire them. Any moving company that claims to have well-rounded experience with international moves should have a thorough understanding of the many checkpoints your belongings will go through while travelling to your new home.

One of the most vital questions to ask your would-be movers is if they have had experience shipping items to your desired location. Every country has different shipping standards, shipping fees,and documentation requirements, not to mention limits on what they allow into the country. It is important for your movers to have a thorough understanding of your new location’s shipping policies and standards in order for all of your belongings to arrive on-time and intact.

Organization and proper planning are vital to moving long-distance. The right movers can help ease some of the stress and give you peace of mind knowing that when you arrive at your new home your belongings will too.