18 May



Getting Ready For A Commercial Move: How to Prep For Outaouais Movers and Keep Your Sanity

Losing a business day means losing time and subsequently revenue. This is exactly why completing a commercial move might require more planning and organization than a residential move. If your office is preparing for a commercial move, the following tips can help prep for Outaouais movers so you can get your business back up and running as soon as possible.


It’s likely that your business relies on some form of communication to function; even more likely that it relies on a combination of phone, fax and Internet services. As such, it’s imperative that these services be reconnected as soon as possible. By scheduling in advance you should be able to secure a service appointment for your moving day – so your business won’t suffer from being unplugged for too long.

Pack Smart

As organization will be the key to getting your business back up and running, carefully packing and labeling boxes will be important. By labeling where boxes will be going, Outaouais movers can easily put them in the correct spot for you. Labeling will also be important for boxes containing computers and/or other fragile items. Numbering boxes with important documents or expensive items can help you keep track of anything containing potentially sensitive information.


Delegate packing and unpacking duties. Determine who will be in charge of unpacking and cleaning specific areas so the set up is speedy and organized.

Opt For Professional Movers

Opting for movers in a commercial move is rather a must. With all the heavy office furniture, a large truck and strong hands will be a requirement. Ensure you ask for references and choose only the most professional moving services. If any of your equipment gets damaged during the moving process, it will cost you money and potentially delay your business from running.


Go over the contract or lease for your new office space to see if there are move-in regulations to follow. If not, you may still want to call ahead to let the office know what days and times you will be moving in. Make sure you know which areas are available for moving. Some buildings do not allow outside visitors in without a pass so you may have to provide information about your Outauois movers in advance and schedule a time where they will have access to the building. It will also be important to ask where the movers’ truck is able to park and whether this needs to be scheduled ahead of time.

A commercial move can be stressful – especially if you are a small or medium business owner; however, by using the tips above your move will hopefully be organized, quick and efficient, so you can go back to doing what you do best!