03 May



Five Tips For Prepping Your House For Movers

So, you finally found a new home for your family – and you’ve decided to invest in a moving company, because well, you’ve already lugged enough boxes for one lifetime. Now, all you have to worry about is getting prepared for the movers. So, what do you do? Well, here are five tips to get your house ready for a moving company.

1. Find out what items the moving company won’t move
Most movers have policies concerning items they won’t move for safety and liability reasons. Some movers won’t move hazardous materials such as chemicals, paints and liquids, but you can usually bring these materials to your local hardware store to recycle. If you do want to bring them to your new home, you may have to pack them yourself. Some moving companies also will not move valuable items such as cash, jewelry or important documents; it might be best to bring these on your own.

2. Prepare your supplies
Deciding to pack yourself will save you money and allow you to de-clutter and sort boxes appropriately. To make packing easy, make sure you have all necessary packing materials, including: bubble wrap, boxes, tape, labels, permanent marker, newspaper, etc. You may even be able to purchase moving supplies directly from your moving company. Either way, having all your packing equipment beforehand will make the job much easier.

3. Look into insurance
If you plan on moving several items of value, for which you do not already have insurance, you may want to look into obtaining coverage for the move. Although your moving company is likely highly experienced and careful with your items, accidents can happen and if your items are not properly packaged, they may be vulnerable to nicks and dings.

4. Label clearly
Properly labeling each box will ensure a smooth move (no ‘80s pun intended). By writing the contents of each box on the top, you can make sure it is sent to the corresponding room, which will help save you time unpacking. It’s also important to clearly label and identify which boxes are fragile. Make sure to point these boxes out to the movers beforehand. You might also find it beneficial to number each box, taking a count at the end. This will help ensure no boxes are misplaced.

5. Find a safe place for your pets for the day
If you have any furry friends running around, make sure to keep them in a safe place for the day. Plan on having them stay at a family or friend’s or even simply a spare bedroom. Movers will likely be opening and closing the door frequently, so keeping them in a safe place will ensure they stay inside and out of the way.