10 Dec



Eco-Friendly Tips for your Next Move

We’re all paying closer attention to the environment these days, and hopefully most of us are becoming more aware of our contribution to the problems we’re facing. When all you hear about in the media is the adverse effects that big companies and our throw-away society is having on the animals and world around us, it’s hard not to think about how we can do better, and be better. In this article we run through some eco-friendly tips for your upcoming move.

Wrap fragile pieces with household items.

Rather than protecting your fragile dishes and valuables with non-biodegradable foam and bubble wrap, opt for an eco-friendlier solution, such as using towels, blankets or even sweaters. There’ll be much less waste to throw away once you settle into your new place.

Use clever packing solutions.

If you give it some thought, you probably already have many containers and bags that can be used to pack and transport your things from home A to home B. Rather than buying more plastic bins and Tupperware containers, how about filling up your suitcase, gym bags, garbage bins (if they can be cleaned at first, of course), and reusable, eco-friendly grocery store bags?

Collect boxes in an organic way.

You probably know months in advance that your move is coming up, so start keeping boxes that can be used for that purpose, rather than purchasing new ones. Ideas include things like all those sturdy paper boxes with the lids from your printer room at work. And then there’s all the Amazon boxes that sometimes even come with foam and bubble wrap. Give it a bit of thought and it’s not hard to think of eco-friendly packing ideas, and gather up most of what you need organically.

Purge the unwanted and unneeded!

Most of us have way more things that we need or use, and some of us even have a slew of things packed away that we even forgot that we owned! For your upcoming move how about donating these extras to an organization or family that could use this stuff? For you it’ll mean less to move, for them, it could really make a positive difference in their lives.

Even with an event like moving you can be conscious and courteous to our environment. It doesn’t take much effort to pull off an eco-friendly move! If you’d like more ideas and tips, or perhaps a quote from a company that holds these value close, reach out to us today!