29 Jan



An Ottawa Moving Company’s Checklist for Your Next Move

There’s More to Moving Than Choosing a Moving Company

Moving is one of the largest life stressors that many of us must deal with. Whether this is your first move, or the last of many, having a plan will keep you and everyone else on track. Once you have researched moving companies to help you on the big day, it is time to sit down with a detailed checklist so that nothing is left out. This list is more than just reminders; it is a detailed plan. Take the advice of Ottawa moving company experts and make a checklist for success!

8 Weeks Prior

  • Get organized with a dedicated folder and notebook for all your moving paperwork and collected information;
  • Research moving companies and choose one;
  • Start sorting your belongings and weeding out unnecessary clutter. Sort items into three categories: keep, throw out, donate/sell;
  • Plan a yard sale or start posting items on local buy/sell boards online.

6 Weeks Prior

  • Collect supplies like boxes, packing tape, markers, labels, packing paper. Consider the environment by reusing boxes from grocery stores or other businesses that have their products delivered in solid, durable boxes;
  • Finalize all paperwork related to renting or real estate;
  • Contact schools and obtain necessary records to add to your moving folder;
  • Obtain medical records and seek out referrals for medical professionals at your new location.

4 Weeks Prior

  • Make arrangements with utility companies to have all utility services transferred or connected at your new home a few days before you arrive. Set up appropriate times for internet and telephone services to be connected once you arrive. Check your cell phone plan to know if there are roaming or long distance fees if you are moving out of town;
  • Set up mail forwarding with the post office. You can choose how many months you want mail to be forwarded from your old address to the new one. This service will help you receive your mail without interruption and keep track of which establishments you need to change your address with;
  • Start packing!

1 Week Prior

  • Pack essentials into suitcases to have on hand including a few changes of clothes, toiletries, medications, jewelry, and important records. You’ll keep your moving folder and notebook with your suitcase;
  • Arrange a deposit with your moving company;
  • Obtain enough cash to have on hand in case of emergency as well as to tip movers;
  • Clean! If you are leaving a rental, be sure to clean and make any repairs to gain back any security deposit;
  • Finish packing!

The Big Day

  • Take an inventory of all boxes and furniture with your movers;
  • Be sure that all new address and contact information is correct for your movers;
  • Do a final sweep through your old home to make sure that nothing has been left behind and that all windows and doors are locked and secure.

The experts at your Ottawa moving company want your move to be as safe and stress free as possible. By making a checklist, you can stay on track and feel secure as you head to your new home.