01 Oct



Additional Moving Company Services

The Different Services Movers And Moving Companies Offer

When people think of moving companies, residential movers often come to mind. But moving companies offer more services than just moving your belongings from one home to another. Consider the following additional services that movers and moving companies offer the next time you need a specialized move.

Delivery Services

With a moving company’s delivery service, you can have any number of items safely delivered, regardless of their size. Movers are trained and equipped to deliver items large and small with safety and care. Moving companies can deliver to almost anywhere in Ontario and Quebec—just ask about delivery destinations and timelines.

Piano Movers

Pianos are not only large, heavy, and hard to move, but they are also valuable instruments that need special care during transportation. Moving companies that offer piano moving services have skilled movers to ensure a safe move for these instruments.

Every precaution will be taken to protect the piano from damage—such as distributing its weight evenly, protecting delicate external parts, and lifting it properly so the piano won’t fall out of tune. Movers will also ensure that the piano doesn’t dent or scrape any surfaces in your home. This is a certainly a job for the professionals.

Small Commercial Moves

Moving companies also offer commercial moves for small businesses so business can quickly return to normal without the added time and stress of having to move everything yourself. Whether you have office equipment, furniture, boxes of files, or plants, insured movers can move your business from one place to the next so you can focus on your work and keep your business running smoothly.

Professional movers and moving companies will deliver and move any item, big or small, to almost anywhere in Ontario and Quebec. If you don’t have the time to move, or you don’t have the required skills—such as those necessary for piano moving—then contact your local moving company for an estimate. Professional movers are insured, efficient, and respectful of your belongings. You can have a stress-free, timely move, while continuing your day-to-day tasks with minimal disruption. Plus, you won’t have to risk hurting your back or annoying your friends by asking them for help, especially if it involves moving a piano.