10 Feb



A Moving Company Tips On Switching Spaces in the Cold


While Canadians (especially Quebecers) are known to prefer moving during the warm months of May, June and July, there will always be times when a move during the cold winter months will be necessary.

It is true that the thought of carrying boxes down icy stairs is enough to send chills down anyone’s back. However, if you are planning on moving this winter, there is a way to literally not be left out in the cold!

Indeed, the best moving companies operate year-round and have certainly had the experience of moving in any weather condition— rain, shine or snow blizzard. The moving company you hire should be able to professionally answer any question you might have regarding the steps you can take to effectively and effortlessly move this winter.

An Eye on the Storm: Verifying the Weather Conditions

Of course, the easiest way to plan for an effective winter move is to monitor the weather conditions as your big day approaches. However, we all know that no matter how diligent the meteorologists are in keeping us in the loop, situations can change rapidly and storms can often take us by surprise.

Therefore, when looking to hire a moving company, it is always a good practice to ask whether they offer a re-scheduling policy in case of a severe snowstorm, which might potentially affect your moving process.

Always Protecting What Is Precious

Another excellent question to ask is whether the movers have the necessary equipment to protect your belongings as they are being loaded from your residence and onto the moving truck. Will they be responsible to wrap your precious objects, or does this step require additional labour time for you?

But let’s not forget about protecting your floors as well! Don’t hesitate to ask whether the movers will place a plastic on the floor to prevent any damage or injury due to the snow and water outside.

Keeping Your Children Warm at All Times

If you are the parent of a small child, having an adult whose responsibility is to ensure the child is safe and warm during the move is perhaps one of the best tips to avoid additional stress—as well as a sick child—both during and after the move.

The best moving companies will be deliver impeccable service winter, spring, summer and autumn. As a customer entrusting your belongings to professionals, you are within your rights to expect the best care possible all year-round.

By hiring a professional moving company, you are taking the first step towards a memorable and enjoyable move … 365 days a year!