01 Sep



A Day In The Life Of A Mover

The Benefits Of Working For A Moving Company

Most people dread moving. Whether they’re moving to a new home or helping a friend or family member move, many people find it to be an exhausting and stressful experience. Since so many people dread moving, you would think that the folks working for a moving company would share the same reservations. Not so! In fact, there are some benefits to being a mover that outweigh the stress and exhaustion we often associate with moving. Here are some of the pros to being a professional mover for a moving company:


Being mindful is a skill that many of us need to work on. We often daydream and let our attention drift away from tasks or conversations. When you have a job that requires your direct attention at all times, your mindfulness improves. For movers, they must be mindful of every task for both their own safety and the protection of clients’ belongings. If movers aren’t paying attention, they might drop the TV, couch, or piano, or hurt their backs.


Movers are constantly moving, in more ways than one. Being active throughout the day is beneficial to overall health. The heavy lifting involved with moving strengthens muscles and bones, resulting in healthy physical fitness. Instead of paying for a gym membership, movers are paid to lift and get in shape.


We all have that sigh of relief when we’ve finished moving. Although movers have to keep moving people—and their day might not be over—there is the satisfaction of completing a job. If clients are appreciative at the end of the move, it makes the job even more satisfying. Movers don’t have to worry about any work left undone when they go home at the end of the day. They can relax, be exhausted—the good kind of exhaustion from physical activity—and get a good night’s rest.

Although most of us hate moving, there are some benefits to being a professional mover. And maybe professional movers end up enjoying moving so much that when it comes time to move themselves or a friend, they won’t dread it as much as the rest of us do. Each work day is different, driving to new locations, and facing different challenges. The next time you have to move, be grateful that there are professional movers to hire. It’s worth hiring a moving company to have a less stressful and exhausting move.