09 Nov



6 Tips from Movers for an Unbelievably Easy Move

A Moving Company in Ottawa Tells All

You’ve spent countless hours scouring online listings, numerous days corresponding with real estate agents and you’ve filled out more paperwork than you can count, but finally, you’ve found the perfect place! And now all that’s standing in the way of you and your new home is the move. Regardless of whether you’re a downsizer, an up-sizer, or a first-timer, the moving process can be a little overwhelming. To make things simpler, here are a few tips from movers that will make your next move a breeze!

1. Use efficient packing. Cut down on supplies and clean up by using items you need to move as packing materials. For example, protect your breakables (i.e. vases, plates, picture frames, etc.) with linens and clothing and use baskets and drawers in lieu of boxes.

2. Use labels. Labeling each box by its contents makes moving easier for you and your movers. But to be even more efficient, use additional labels to indicate where each box will be going in a different colour. When your moving company in Ottawa arrives, let the movers know so they can place the box in the appropriate place.

3. Communicate with your movers beforehand. It’s important to keep your moving company in Ottawa in the loop, so talk to the movers before they arrive to discuss any delicate, special, or heavy items. This will also help you get a more accurate quote from your movers and ensure you don’t end up with any surprise fees.

4. Pack a “day of” kit. Before the movers arrive, put together a kit of any and all items you will need throughout the move. Having a box of essential items, like garbage bags, cleaning supplies, toiletries, a change of clothes and extra packing materials will save you from rummaging through already packed boxes.

5. Take a head count. Once all the packing is said and done, take a head count of your boxes before the movers load anything.

6. Don’t dismiss using a moving company in Ottawa. Though it may seem like hiring your friends or doing it yourself could save you a few bucks. The benefit of hiring movers is, one, that they’re experienced but more importantly, that most movers are also insured.

Finding a new home is an exciting milestone for downsizers, up-sizers and first-timers. Although moving itself can be a drag, with the right moving company in Ottawa and a little preparation you’ll be in your new home in no time!