22 Jul



6 Tips For Any Move

Easy And Stress-Free Moving Advice

It’s a busy time when you’re preparing to move, and it’s common to have a few things on your to-do list fall behind for your move. Here are six common things that moving companies have seen people forget when they are moving.

Change your address early

Updating your address can be a long process. Ottawa movers suggest that you get a head start by changing your address on important documents up to two weeks before you move. This is also a great time to set up a mail redirect with Canada Post. Depending on your needs, they will deliver mail to your new address 3 months to a year after you move. This will let you identify anything you forgot

Organize your finances

The last thing you want is to have important bills go missing during your move. Moving companies are there to help but it’s up to you to have everything packed up and labeled. As you’re packing, keep all your finances together and make sure your bills are clearly marked as paid or unpaid. When the dust settles in your new home you don’t want the stress of lost or unpaid bills.

Take pictures of your electronics

Electronic setups vary from home to home so it’s best to take photos of things that need to be set up the same way in your new home. Once all the wires are packed it can be hard to remember, and your movers may not be able to help put it all back together.

Pack your plants

Moving companies are often asked about how and when to pack indoor and outdoor plants for a move. You can collect plants outside in buckets to save as many roots as possible. Doing this a day or two before your moving day will give you the best chance for a successful move.

Prepare a box of essentials

One common moving mistake is to pack everything and have nothing left out for your first night in your home. You don’t want to go through all your boxes to find a toothbrush or plate to eat off of. Take some time to identify the items you’ll need that day and place them in a clearly marked box or a grocery bag. This lets you relax a little after your move before you start unpacking.

Don’t pack cleaning products

Cleaning is an essential part of moving. You’ll want to clean your new home before you set things up and your old home should be cleaned before you leave. So make sure your cleaning products are together and accessible for the day. Moving companies often see people use buckets or open boxes to transport cleaning products.

Movers want you to have an easy and stress-free transition to your new home. By remembering some of these simple things you can get a great start to your packing.