03 Aug



5 Tips to Prepare Your Piano for the Moving Company

Protect Your Piano With Expert Handling By Moving Companies

Pianos are heavy instruments, weighing 250 kg on average. Beyond that, pianos are bulky, delicate items that need careful handling. If you need to move a piano, hiring an experienced Ottawa moving company will ensure it is done safely. Because a piano represents a significant financial investment, your moving company should have insurance coverage in case there is an accident.

Here are some helpful tips for preparing your piano before moving day:

Give The Moving Company Details About The Piano And Its Location
You don’t want any surprises when the movers arrive. Make sure you’ve taken the time to measure the piano beforehand. For a grand piano, measure the length from the keyboard to the furthest point on its curve. For an upright piano, measure the height from the top of the lid to the floor.

Wrap The Piano In Blankets

Pad the piano to prevent surface scratches and gouges. Otherwise, it may need to be refinished later on, which can be quite costly. Most piano movers in Ottawa will take care of wrapping the piano in blankets, so you don’t have to.

Ask About The Equipment

Check that the moving company has the proper equipment to move pianos, such as a dolly and a piano board. The dolly needs to be strong enough to support the weight of the piano while it is strapped onto the board. Other tools moving companies usually have on hand include ramps, slings, moving pads and piano skids.

Don’t Disassemble The Piano

If you have a grand piano, the movers will be able to handle the disassembly of the piano’s lid, lyre, and legs to make it easier to transport. If you have an upright piano, they will probably remove the casters to help balance the piano on the moving dolly. Cleaning the casters to remove dirt and dust can make it easier for the movers to take them off.

Have A Plan

When you schedule the appointment, discuss the best way to move the piano out of your house and into the new location. Then eliminate problems ahead of time by clearing clear a path for the movers to follow at both places.

Following these tips will ensure the Ottawa moving company can do its job efficiently. Although moving a piano does not affect its sound or tuning, you should still schedule an appointment to tune your piano a few weeks from the move. That will give the piano some time to acclimatize to the temperature and humidity in its new location.