15 Sep



5 Things You Can do to Make Moving with Children Easier

Moving is already challenging at the best of times. But, moving when you’re a single person or a couple is a breeze compared to when you’re a family with children. This is particularly the case with kids under the age of adolescence. But don’t worry, there are things that you can do to get the little people in your household involved, and make the move go easier. These moving with children tips will help take away some of the anxiety and concern that your kids may have about leaving their home, friends and school behind.

1. Get your children involved in the new home search

When the time comes to start looking for a new home and neighbourhood, keep the lines of communication with your kids open. Talk to them about what’s happening and the reason behind the move. You may not want to bring them to every open house, but once the choice is narrowed down, invite them along to see the final options. Get them excited about their new bedroom and playroom, the possibilities of their new backyard, etc. This involvement will go a long way in reducing moving anxiety.

2. New room, new décor!

Show your kids the upside of moving – a chance to redecorate their new bedroom! In your old place you probably didn’t see the point in a bedroom makeover. However, since your little one has been asking forever, this new home and bedroom represents the perfect time to deck out your kids bedroom in that Thomas the train décor they’ve been asking for forever. This is something that will certainly get them excited about moving!

3. Get your children involved in the packing

Kids love to get involved, so why not have them help out with the organizing and packing up of their room? Not only will they feel involved, but it’ll provide an opportunity to go through some of the toys and clothes they’re no longer using. These things can be donated to a local charity, purging will lighten the load you have to move, and it’ll make your kid feel good about giving to others. A win, win, win!

4. Visit your new neighbourhood and get acquainted in advance

A lot of the stress children experience around a move stems from leaving behind their old neighbourhood and friends. To alleviate these feelings we suggest that (if possible) you take your kids on an exploration visit to the new neighbourhood prior to moving day. Find out where the local parks and playgrounds are. Visit the local pool and other kid friendly places. Get them excited about all the great things to look forward to in their new community.

5. Try to avoid moving mid-school year

The timing of a move is not always within our control. However, when possible, try to schedule a move outside of your child’s academic school year. If you can move in July or August, or even during the winter break, this is less disruptive and stressful on the little ones.

If you follow these tips then we hope that your upcoming move will go a little more smoothly for all family members, especially the littlest ones. If you wish to use a moving company with loads of experience moving family all across Ottawa and they valley, then reach out for a no-obligation quote.