27 Nov



5 Common Outaouais Moving Mistakes

Avoid These Common Errors with Advice from Local Moving Companies

Experienced Outaouais-area moving companies have seen it all—the good, the bad, and the tear-jerking ugly of moving stories. And today, we’re going to share some of the biggest and most common mistakes made before and during a move, to spread awareness and help you avoid falling into any of these traps or pitfalls.

Biting Off More than You Can Chew

One of the most common mistakes made in a move is underestimating the amount of work that needs to be done, and the time required to do it. As a result, people end up with more on their plate than they can handle—especially if they didn’t leave themselves enough time to get it all done. Whether it’s asking your friends for help or hiring professionals, don’t let yourself be stuck going it alone. Speaking of professionals…

Not Doing Your Homework

There are a lot of moving companies in the Ottawa valley, and not all of them are the same. When you’re planning your move, shop around for movers that are reliable and come well-recommended. Look at reviews and testimonials, ask for references, compare quotes, and above all else, make sure that they are fully insured. Should the worst happen and your valuables become damaged, you want to know that you’ll be compensated.


Homes collect stuff—this is a fact of life. But while you’re moving across the Outaouais, are you really going to need those jeans that don’t fit anymore, or that second set of cutlery? Or that waffle-maker your mother gave you, but that you never use (you know exactly who you are)? Go through everything you own and sort it into categories: keep, toss, give to a friend, donate, or sell. Lighten your load, and your move will also be lighter on your wallet!

Not Planning for Pets and Plants

As convenient as it might be, you can’t just pack your family pet into a box and shove them into the back of a truck. Nor should you, even if you could! Take them to the vet the week of your move to make sure that they’re shots are up to date, update the vet with your new address, and make plans to drive them to the new house yourself. Similarly, plants don’t move well in trucks, and some moving companies won’t even take them, so if you can’t arrange alternative transportation for them, it may be time to donate them to a neighbour.

Protecting Your Valuables

Family heirlooms, favourite jewelry, and precious keepsakes should always be packed carefully. Be sure that you remember which box these things are in, and that you secure them properly—if you can’t do this, move these things yourself. And in the information age, physical possessions aren’t the only valuables. This is why you should always back up your computer before a move.

By avoiding these common Outaouais moving mistakes, you’re bound to have a more successful move!