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4 Great Packing Tips from a Moving Company

This Ottawa Moving Company Has Seen It All—These Tips Really Work!

You may very well be excited about the prospect of moving into a new home—after all, you’re taking a step forward in life. But as a moving company in Ottawa with years of experience helping people through this process, we’re willing to bet that you’re not even a little bit excited about the process of packing: a dull process of collecting your life into boxes at best and a haphazard race against time at worst, packing is seldom a fun activity, let alone an easy one. But it must be done—and with these tips, you can make it a little bit easier:

Make a Packing Schedule

Really, we’d recommend making an entire moving schedule—with plans for transferring utilities, booking your moving company, and more—but you should have a packing schedule at the very least. Non-essential items that you seldom or never use should be packed as early as possible, so that you’re not rushing at the end to figure out where to squeeze in your picture frames or that blender you swore you’d use every day. Following this plan ensures that the work is spread out, while also ensuring you’re not left without the necessities.

Label Thoroughly

It’s not enough for a box to be marked “Random Stuff.” Make sure that you precisely label what types of possessions are in each box, or else you may never see a beloved keepsake ever again because you never imagined it could possibly be at the bottom of whichever box you left it in. If you’re using an Ottawa moving company, label each box by which room it should be put in to make life even easier—colour-coding is a great way to do this.

Use Your Resources

Quick, what’s another use for a dresser drawer? Well, if you put cling wrap on top of it, it suddenly becomes a box for the clothes you already kept inside it. With enough vision, dish towels can become packing insulation for glassware, comforters can become protective covers for large pieces of art—you have more resources at your disposal than you realize, so get creative.

Remember to Pack a “Day-of” Bag

Take a duffel or camping bag and pack the essentials that you’ll be using on moving day—toiletries, pajamas, snacks, your phone charger, your laptop, a little emergency cash, and anything else you don’t want to go hunting for once you’re in your new home.

With a little planning and creativity, the packing process doesn’t have to become a giant headache. Book your moving company today to get a quote and get the ball rolling on taking the next big step in your life!