04 Aug



3 Steps to Finding Your Groove After You Move

Settling into your new neighbourhood will be a breeze with these tips from an Ottawa moving company

Step 1: Allow yourself to get away from the house

After the movers have gone and your house is full of boxes, it’s tempting to pull long hours unpacking to put everything away as fast as possible. However, the initial clutter of an unpacked home can be stressful, claustrophobic, and create a sense of chaos. Even if you can’t feel completely settled in the house at this stage, it’s possible to feel at home in the neighbourhood. Take at least 30 minutes to walk around the area and ground yourself in the sights, smells and sounds of your new neighbourhood. Many employees of one moving company in Ottawa suggest acquainting yourself with parks, coffee shops and other relaxing places where you can both de-stress and learn about the people and services offered in the community. Remember, your home isn’t just limited to your house.

Step 2: Meet your neighbours as it suits you

There exists lots of advice from moving companies about immersing yourself into the neighbourhood after moving so you can feel comfortable with all the new people right away, but jumping into events like block parties may be overwhelming as it involves meeting so many people at once. Local movers recommend taking the time to meet your immediate neighbours one at a time, when you’re in a good mood and ready to be socially receptive. If neighbours drop by unexpectedly to welcome you and you aren’t comfortable with your house yet, take a seat on the porch or ask if they’d take you on a walk around the block. Those who have lived in the area longer may be able to show you something you wouldn’t have found on your own, and you may learn some interesting facts about your community.

Step 3: Surround yourself with some old comforts

Some people are natural movers and love the feeling of starting fresh. Some people hate the idea of change. No matter which person you are, you’re going to feel uprooted after a move, and even if it’s exciting, a new neighbourhood can feel alien. Therefore one Ottawa moving company advises keeping a few things that you associate with your old home to ease the transition. Even if you’re trying to de-clutter and get rid of them eventually, something like a garden decoration to look at every time you walk up the driveway can help you feel settled, as you did in your old house. Also, where possible, friends can be a great source of comfort to remind you that even when it seems like everything is changing, some good things will stay the same.

Moving will always bring unique challenges and hurdles into your life, but with the above lessons taken from movers who see it every day – and taking proper care of yourself – will allow for the peace of mind you’re looking for.